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Finding the right energy deal for your business can be a minefield 

There are so many options out there in respect to contracts, tariffs, and technologies and with dozens of companies out there all competing for your business, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which you should choose. 

That’s where we come in, RH Utilities will help you navigate through the many options available by offering you advice on which company to choose and which deal you should take. If you are interested in improving your energy efficiency and reducing costs (and let’s face it, who in this market doesn’t want to reduce costs) we can also make recommendations on changes you can make to your business including the latest renewable technologies you can take advantage of.

When you work with RH utilities, you are working with a small team including your very own dedicated account manager, this means we can offer a personal approach and be with you every step of the way whether you are changing suppliers, setting up a connection for a new site or changing your inhouse technologies.  We will be there for you providing first class customer service and answering any questions that you may have regardless of the stage you are at in your energy contract. 

We’ve all worked within the industry for over 20 years and have extensive experience and knowledge from working within the ‘Big 6’ energy companies so you know that the independent impartial advice you get from us will be incredibly valuable to help you make your business’ energy decisions.

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