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Energy Efficiency

Increase your business' energy efficiency

Rethink your energy usage and save money using 'green' technologies. We are able to offer a range of products via our strategic partner, which will analyse your current energy needs and contracts to look for opportunities to reduce your carbon emissions and demand on your current equipment to help save you money and reduce maintenance costs. Appropriate energy conservation and generation equipment is then used so that your reliance on ‘the grid’ is either removed or substantially reduced.

The following technologies are just some of those available:

CHPs (combined heat and power engines)

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engines reliably supply buildings with power and heat, any time of day and regardless of the weather, and you as the owner attractive revenues. CHPs generate electricity on-site and the by-product of this generation process is heat. When this heat is utilised, the CHP is not only more efficient than mains supplied power, but it is also more environmentally friendly, and cheaper than buying from the grid. These generate heat with up to 60% lower carbon emissions compared to separate heat and power engines. 

Photovoltaic Panels (solar power)

PV panels generate energy from the sun, and as the sun is free, this means free power! The energy is generated locally making it highly efficient as none is lost in transit and the use of the latest technology ensures the product longevity. Solar panels do not generate any carbon emissions and so by switching you can save up to 80% of your total emissions making this energy very environmentally friendly and protect your business against rising energy costs.

LED Lighting

Replace your outdated and traditional lighting with a product that is more robust, longer-lasting and flicker free providing energy reductions from 35% up to 95% against traditional light fittings. LED Technology reduces your maintenance charges, energy usage and carbon footprint. Your staff will also benefit with instant flicker free, bright light leading to better focussed vision and increased concentration 

EVC's (electric vehicle chargers)

Power your electrical vehicles, reduce transportation costs and your emissions with our chargers. EVC’s allow you to reduce air pollution in your environment making it healthier for your staff whilst also saving you money compared with traditional fossil fuels. A wide range of available chargers together with the expertise to ensure the optimal choice for your location means that you can be sure your charging needs are covered both now and in the future.

ASHP's (air source heat pumps)

Air source heat pumps are considered a green source of energy because they use less energy to generate heat than conventional methods. They are able to generate heat from temperatures below -20 degrees Celsius and are constantly running so there’s no firing up like the conventional heating on demand we are used to. Air pumps will help you lower your carbon footprint or remove it altogether when using a renewable form of energy, heating your building with free natural energy and saving you from rising heating costs.

GSHP's (ground source heat pumps)

Use free subterranean thermal heat and reduce your energy usage compared to conventional methods. Our pumps don’t create thermal energy, they transfer it, and as subterranean earth temperatures remain consistent, you don’t have to worry about the temperature changing. Geothermal heating pumps can save you money on both your heating and cooling costs compared to their conventional counterparts. They will also help you lower your carbon footprint or if you use one of our renewable energy methods, become a zero carbon solution.


In many cases funding is available to enable fully commissioned energy projects with no up front capex payments and reduced opex with performance based terms under a service agreement. Organisations are effectively released from their financial constraints to realise environmental and energy efficiency aspirations.


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