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Energy Consultancy

Energy Consultancy

With the current volatility of the energy markets, it is essential to find a deal which gives the best value for money. Equally it is also worth reviewing your business’ energy needs to see where it is possible to make changes which are more cost effective.

How we operate

First of all we ask to see a copy of your latest bill and we review this to check for the following:

  • Is your business on the right tariff and being charged the correct rate?
  • Are you being charged for sites no longer included in your portfolio?
  • What is the actual usage and how does this compare to the estimates?
  • Are taxes such as VAT & CCL (Climate Change Levy) being applied correctly?
  • We also look at capacity for clients on HH (Half hourly) suppliers

Once billing errors, overcharges and account discrepancies have been identified, we also ensure your business receives the appropriate refund from your suppliers.

Other options to reduce your costs

The use of smart meters can also help businesses be more proactive over their use of energy. We can advise on the options available and help you choose the smart meter and energy deal that is right for you and your business. Read more about smart meters here.

A further recommendation we can make is the replacement of fossil fuel technologies with cleaner renewable energy options. These can reduce or altogether remove any reliance on ‘the grid’ securing your business against the volatility of prices in the market. You can read more about the technologies available through our strategic partner here.


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