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Smart Meters

Smart Meters

There are multiple options available to businesses who are considering using a smart meter. Many businesses have benefitted from having access to consumption data through a NHH (non half hourly) electricity, gas or water AMR (Automated Meter Reading) / Smart metering service.

At RH Utilities Ltd we work with the majority of AMR/Smart metering providers ensuring our clients with a requirement for AMR, receive all the benefits that it brings, such as:

  • Accurate meter readings, no more estimates
  • Improved billing
  • Improved security for premises
  • Ability to manage energy consumption leading to energy efficiency through tariff analysis
  • The ability to select a different tariff
  • Cost savings through energy management
  • Data collection and online energy reporting services
  • Discover the best and worst performing buildings in your organisation
  • Monitor your CRC energy efficiency progress

By introducing smart meters and utilising the data and reporting services, our clients have been eliminating energy waste, cutting their costs and reducing their emissions.


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