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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I pay for your service?

If we are successful in brokering an energy contract on your behalf then we receive a commission from the relevant energy supplier you agree a contract with for electricity or gas, whether it be your existing or a new supplier. If we are not successful then we receive no commission and there is no cost to you for our services, unless we have previously made an alternative agreement with you. In most cases our commission will be included in the rates you pay in your new contract and is paid to us directly by the relevant supplier, the amount we are paid varying with how energy much you use, unless we agree a shared savings model with you, in which case an agreed percentage of savings are provided to us. Specific projects or consultancy work may be charged on a fixed fee or time and expense basis which would be agreed separately.

By changing supplier will I guarantee a saving?

This is dependent on the time you last signed a contract with a supplier, compared to where the market price is today. RH Utilities guarantee that all prices proposed and recommended will be competitive and reflective of the current market rate. We will provide a full and independent assessment of all suitable prices and advise you on the most beneficial course of action.

Who is the best supplier?

As fully independent energy consultants we deal with all suppliers equally, to ensure an unbiased approach and provide our clients with all the options that are available. All suppliers are different in their strengths and weaknesses, but we will assist in your decision making process to help you find the best product and supplier that suits your business needs.

Do I have to stay with the existing supplier if I have just moved into new premises?

No. The incumbent supplier of the premises that you have moved into needs to be informed, so they know that you are responsible for the supply from that date. Then you are free to make your decision as to who supplies you. RH Utilities will be happy to assist with this process, if in doubt or you want to clarify what you need to do, then contact one of our advisors.

What is green energy?

The term 'Green Energy' is used to describe energy which has been generated using varying types of renewable resources, such as wind farms, biomass and solar power. Many suppliers have started to implement renewable resources within their energy generation strategies and offer various tariffs which supplement the development of this type of energy.

What is a smart meter?

There are various types of smart meter, but they all essentially perform a very similar task. These meters can communicate directly with the relevant supplier you are in contract with, sending accurate consumption information as and when the supplier requires it. This enables more accurate billing as there is no requirement to estimate consumption figures. As well as accurate billing, many companies offer online access to this information. This allows you to monitor how much energy you use and at what time of day, enabling you to be more proactive in minimising your energy usage and more energy efficient too. Learn more about smart meters here

What is a MOp Agreement?

If you have a half hourly (HH) electricity supply then it is a legal requirement to have a separate meter operator (MOp) agreement. Your MOp agreement is with the company who supply the metering and communications equipment for your HH meter and the maintenance and fault fixing thereof and is usually for a 5 year period. A separate data collector/data aggregator (DC/DA) is also needed for HH meters - RH Utilities have relationships with providers for both MOp and DC/DA services at very competitive rates.

Can you arrange my domestic supply?

Currently we only arrange contracts for business clients. However, if you run your business from home or live on your premises (restaurants, pubs, Bed & Breakfast etc) then we can look at arranging a commercial contract for the said premises.

How long does it take to switch suppliers?

Switching suppliers can take anything from 5 to 20 working days or more. Contract termination conditions can vary from supplier to supplier and if the termination window has passed, if the new supplier does not have all relevant customer or meter information required to complete the transfer or there is a debt on the account this can cause delays. Issues with credit can also impact the speed at which you switch.

Do I need to terminate my current contract?

Yes, in most cases. It is very important that your current supplier's terms & conditions (T&C's) around termination are understood and executed correctly. We have considerable knowledge and experience in the interpretation of the suppliers T&C's and can advise on the best course of action and assist in the generation of the appropriate documentation.

How often are the prices updated?

Energy prices can change daily or can be fixed for periods of time and we continually update our systems and customers of these changes as soon as we are notified by the supplier. As soon as we receive these prices, you can be confident that the prices shown in your cost analysis are what you will be charged by your supplier. More and more, and especially for larger supplies, offers are issued on a bespoke basis on a given day and will have a validity of hours, so action may need to be taken quickly to secure an attractive offer.

Can RH Utilities Ltd provide an online quotation?

Due to market fluctuations, online quoting can carry high risk margins so that the supplier is protected. RH Utilities choose to use the latest up to date wholesale market pricing so that each cost analysis we provide is bespoke and is truly attainable in today's market. Providing rates this way ensures that your prices carry less risk built in by the supplier.

What is a Letter of Authority (LOA) & should I sign?

In order to be compliant and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, all brokers / consultants (RH Utilities Ltd) will require a letter of authority to be signed by the individual Customer in order to liaise with the incumbent suppliers.

A letter of authority will allow your independent consultant RH Utilities Ltd to obtain the following information:

  • Annual consumption (how much energy you use).
  • Contract end date (when your current contract will end).
  • Issue termination notice with regard to existing supply contracts on behalf of the individual Customer at the appropriate time.
  • Current Contract rates.
  • Obtain prices/offers from competitive alternative suppliers on your behalf, but does NOT allow us to enter into any contract on your behalf.

Within the LOA you will find reference to issuing termination notices for existing supply contracts on behalf of the individual Customer.  The termination of your contract by RH Utilities at the appropriate time will ensure you are compliant with the terms and conditions of your supply contract. This will stop your current supplier from rolling you onto a new contract at rates which would be unfavourable or applying considerably higher out of contract rates.